About Us

Many people have asked, what is the reason for DevilsCove.com and why are we here?

The answer is simple. We love boating and all the fun that surrounds Devil’s Cove on Lake Travis in Austin, Texas. There are many things that make Austin, Texas unique, and Devil’s Cove is one of them.

The allure started long ago, but reached epic proportions when the Playboy channel exposed two parties on the water that were a must see. One was Lake Havasu and the other was our little spot on Lake Travis in Devil’s Cove. A few years ago some of us had the pleasure of getting crazy with some Devil’s Cove’er in a tie-up in 2003, and got to party on the actual boat that was in the Playboy Channel shoot (it was an 1984 Scarab 44 ft with twins – if memory serves us correctly).

So we had been watching the domain name for a few years which was owned by someone else here in the Austin, Texas Area. The old site had some information regarding Lake Travis, but did not really have the attitude of Devil’s Cove. When the name became available we picked it up and sat on it for over 2 years.

After some discussion with friends, we decided that it would be great to have an informational site which revolved around why everyone gathers in Devil’s Cove. Some merchandise would be cool too, if it propagated the legend of Devil’s Cove and make those that were ‘out of the loop’ ask questions and want to be there.

So our attitude is simple, make the legend so ubiquitous and real that everyone knows Lake Travis for our tiny bit of paradise and along the way provide the ones that are in the know, a place to hang and how to be in the know for those that aren’t.

Oh and have a few beers and enjoy every tie-up for as long as the anchors will hold (or until that beer runs out).

If you wish to be listed on our site (only if your business is accessible via the Water on Lake Travis, or provides services to the boating lifestyle) or have any other questions please use the form below.