Lake Travis Technical Data

Location: On the Colorado River northwest of Austin in Travis and Burnet counties (318 river miles from the Gulf of Mexico)

Size: 18,622 +/- acres
Maximum Depth: 190 feet

Elevation When Full: 681 feet above mean sea level (msl)
Volume When Full: 1,131,650 acre-feet
Normal Oerating Range: At or below 681 feet above msl

Historic High: 710.4 feet above msl on Dec. 25, 1991
Historic Low: 614.2 feet above msl on Aug. 14, 1951
100-year flood level at dam: 716 feet above msl
500-year flood level at dam: 728.5 feet above msl
Spillway elevation: 714 feet above msl
Top of dam: 750 feet above msl

Normal Water Clarity: Clear to slightly off-color in upper sections
Water Level Fluctuation: High, 10-20 feet
Aquatic Vegetation: None

Date Impounded: 1942
Original Name: Marshall Ford Dam

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